DM Bespoke Computer Solutions Ltd

DM Bespoke Computer Solutions Ltd

Founded 25th February, 1997 as a spin-out of work initiated at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne to develop a system to explore the interactions in space and time between rainfall fields and groundwater systems. The company has developed a range of interests since, primarily in the fields of science, commerce, and decision support/mission planning.

Live Data Processing

Since 1997 DM Bespoke Computer Solutions Ltd has been developing real-time data processing systems for Earth and Cosmos observation and studies. Previous assignments have included

We have experience with high-powered computing (HPC) at national level, large local clusters (~800 nodes), and cloud-based dynamically-allocated, software-defined, infrastructure, as well as all the key web technologies needed to bring data interactively and procedurally to the end user.


See the following pages for our contributions to the free software community.

[We are in the process of making our software, and some utilities we routinely use, available in a Guix channel.]


Please click here if you wish to send us a message (this is our primary correspondence channel); we would be happy to discuss the design and management of any complex software/infrastructure project with a scientific/numerical leaning.

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