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Founded 25th February, 1997 by Dr Dale Mellor as a spin-out of work initiated at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne to develop a system to explore the interactions in space and time between rainfall fields and groundwater systems. The company has developed a range of interests since, primarily in the fields of science, commerce, and decision support/mission planning.

Live Data Processing

Since 1997 DM Bespoke Computer Solutions Ltd has been developing real-time data processing systems for Earth and Cosmos observation and studies. Previous assignments have included

We have experience with high-powered computing (HPC) at national level, large local clusters (~800 nodes), and cloud-based dynamically-allocated, software-defined, infrastructure, as well as all the key web technologies needed to bring data interactively and procedurally to the end user.


See the following pages for our contributions to the free software community.


Please click here if you wish to send us a message (this is our primary correspondence channel); we would be happy to discuss the design and management of any complex software/infrastructure project with a scientific/numerical leaning.

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