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The DMBCS Guix Channel

GNU Guix is a powerful transactional, functional package manager configured through a declarative language (Scheme). It is so powerful that it can be used to build an entire (and very comprehensive) operating system: GNU GuixSD.

The Guix home page is at, and a very comprehensive manual is at

Channels are extensions to the base Guix system. The DMBCS channel allows us to disseminate projects that we are working on ahead of official releases. Note that, for this reason, the channel should be considered transient in nature, and the software in a pre-release state of evolution.

The channel descriptor is (note that this has changed significantly since earlier versions of this document)

  (name 'dmbcs-development)
  (url "")
            "E23C 21ED 864F F4F3 A711  4CDF CA47 1FD5 0161 8A49"))))

This must be returned as part of a list of channel descriptors in your ${HOME}/.config/guix/channels.scm file; the obvious way to do this is to enclose it in a (list ...) form. See here for the official documentation of Guix channels.

Once you have the above, after performing a guix pull, you can perform guix package --install ... with the following packages.

Contact and Support

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Mailing list

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Contribution to development

We will happily consider contributions to the source code if you provide the address of a GIT repository we can pull from, and will consider all bug reports and feature requests made to the above contact form.


If you use this software please consider a bitcoin donation if you can. A small amount informs us that there is interest and that we are providing a useful service to the community; it will keep us motivated to continue to make open source software. Donations can be made by bitcoin to the address 1PWHez4zT2xt6PoyuAwKPJsgRznAKwTtF9.

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