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DMBCS Kraken API Rust Client Library

At DMBCS we take an active interest in cryptocurrency and all things blockchain: the gold and payment tokens of the future, and the ultimate ledger of all things that need recording.

As part of this interest we found a need for an interface library to the Kraken API which took away the need to have deep knowledge of the API protocol to use the API, and ended up developing our own (for reasons you can see in the documentation). Since it costs us nothing to give it away, here it is!

Kraken is a virtual currency exchange, which also handles fiat (real) currency amounts. Subscribers to the service have an account with associated funds attached. The web site ( provides the user with an account overview (i.e., current balance), currency-pair exchange market status (history of prices and current order book), and the means to place entries on the order book; bids for a currency which can be immediately met with orders to sell the currency are automatically transacted.

The present code is a one-to-one re-write of the C++ version, first prepared in 2020; some additions have been made to the Kraken API since then but these are not currently incorporated into the new code.


The dmbcs-kraken-api-rust source code is managed with GIT and built with cargo. Type

git clone dmbcs-kraken-api-rust

at the command line to obtain a copy.

The repository is shadowed on GitHub at Dale-M/dmbcs-kraken-api-rust.


The documentation comes with the source, and you can also read it here.


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Mailing list

If you would like to receive e-mail notices of matters arising about this library, you may request this through the contact form.

Contribution to development

We will happily consider contributions to the source code if you provide the address of a GIT repository we can pull from (or send a push request to our GitHub shadow), and will consider all bug reports and feature requests, although onward development of this library is not a primary concern of ours.


If you use this library please consider a bitcoin donation if you can. A small amount informs us that there is interest and that we are providing a useful service to the community; it will keep us motivated to continue to make open source software. Donations can be made by bitcoin to the address 1PWHez4zT2xt6PoyuAwKPJsgRznAKwTtF9.

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