Dear sir,

RE: Sample script, 'Defenders of the Laws of Physics.'

With aliens kicking double-decker buses and making them go bendy, people whipping off their clothes to get warm in winter, pedestrians run-bounding along the pavement like they're in an platform video game, it's clear that someone needs to defend the physical laws!

Each episode consists of the introduction of a single aberration into the reality of people's lives, a sequence of almost slapstick scenes showing people adjust, a clever resolution of the problem, and then more slapstick as people re-adjust back to normality.

I guess this would fall under the category of comedy-drama. Whether it be children's entertainment or serious science fiction depends on the age of the viewer. I have made a very crude outline of six half-hour episodes, and provide a full script for the first one, 'The Law of Rigid Buses.'

I hope the originality of the idea appeals to you as much as I think it will!

Yours sincerely,

Dale Mellor

Enc.: Outline of series of six half-hour episodes.

Full script of Episode One.

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