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So, you’ve got something together, wired up, and ready to roll, and you probably think you’re 90% of the way to completing the project….

You put the robot down on the floor or table, send an axis move command, and the thing explodes into an attempted backwards somersault! And that was only a flip of the shoulder — what is the elbow going to do? So at this juncture you’ve got your hands holding the device down, while further tentative experimentation takes place. You will find that, while it is writhing about like a new-born baby, there are certain deficiencies in the way you have put it together: some of the joints can’t move through their full range, the wiring is tangling up in the wrong places, bits of the robot interfere with other bits.

Well, never mind all that, it is a good start. But we’re going to have to address some of those issues right now, at the outset.

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