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4.3 The Guile environment

Installation of the software

Once you have an installed Ubuntu system, you must install an extra bit of kit which will allow the Robot Control GUIs to work. To do this, open a command window and type

sudo apt-get install guile-gnome-dev

You will probably be prompted for the root password — just go ahead!

Entering and leaving the Guile environment

To get into the Guile REPL, you now type


at the command-line in a terminal window. To get out, type


Note how we make Guile code red, compared with the black which corresponds to input you would type at the terminal prompt. We will adopt this convention throughout the rest of this document.

Guile is explained more fully in section XX, but you will want to play with it on the robot a bit first; section XX will hold your hand while you find your feet with this.

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