Introduction to the Deaf Essays


Deaf in the context of these essays means people with reduced hearing, requiring, and benefitting from, a hearing aid. Often you will meet such a person and not realize straight away that they have a hearing problem at all. However, the disability will manifest itself in subtle ways, which often leads to misunderstanding by hearing people. These essays set out to address the cause of these misunderstandings.


These essays are provided to serve two purposes

Hopefully, this will bring two mindsets closer together, and maybe engender a little more understanding, and sympathy for a deaf person’s problems.

Continuing and contributing

These essays are a work in progress, and will be expanded upon in the fullness of time. If you would like to contribute, sign into the Deaf Village (see below) and send a PM to ‘Dale’. Alternatively, you may send an e-mail to dale -at- rdmp -dot- org.

The essays

The essays which are available at present are

The Deaf Village

If you are affected in any way by deaf issues, whether you yourself are deaf or not, you might consider visiting the Deaf Village at, where you will find a friendly bunch of hearing aid wearers who are more than happy to share their experiences with you.

Hearing Link

You will find more poetry, short stories, information and inspirational blogs at

Hearing Link is the UK hearing loss organisation that makes it easy to find the right information, appropriate services, and meaningful ways to connect with other people. We are here for adults with any level of hearing loss and their families too. We direct people to the information they need and the emotional and practical support that can assist their particular circumstances. We also put people in contact with others so that knowledge and experiences can be shared and so our combined voices can influence service provision.