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Neither Hear Nor There

Ian McKean and Jan Fletcher

I had started to notice at a very young age
That I wasn’t hearing all the words that were said
Back then there was so very little help at hand
And my family were struggling to understand
Went through a lot of challenges and many a hitch
If I had a penny for every tear I would be so rich.

To the deaf I was hearing, to the hearing I was deaf
For own my place in life I stood bereft
As if on an island amidst a barren sea
Only it wasn’t an island and wasn’t just me
Surrounded by people, yet very alone
No single voice just a muddled drone.

Dim lights, loud music, oh where could I hide
Disheartened and lonely, I took refuge outside
Understanding beyond words, I lived by my eyes
One day I was thinking and began to realise
I could wallow in pity and cry, “Oh why me!”
Or accept its the way that God meant it to be.

Free from the restraints and the pressure of peers
Pulled myself together and confronted my fears
No more self-pity, no longer the tears
Just a far distant memory of my suffering years
I grew stronger and stronger each day that went by
True to my mind, I felt my insecurities die.

Now more confident, I even learned to love
Started to fit in to life, like hand to a glove
Believing in myself, it’s me that I’ve become
Both deaf and hearing together as one
In time I discovered my inner self
And earned myself a lifetime’s wealth.