Trader-Desk Contact Page

We truly love to hear about how the trader-desk data service is performing for subscribers; the only way we can address problems is if we are told about them in the first place, and we can only really improve the service if we know what your expectations are. The reason that the service is being made available at this early stage is so that we can get a heads-up on problems and necessary feature developments before a full production release is made.

Please leave a message here if you want to request help with using the trader-desk data service, want to make a suggestion for improving the service, or if you want to inform us of a repeatable failure mode; equally if you just want to say “Thanks,” your message will be very welcome.

You may also request to be sent an e-mail whenever a new release is made available, or more generally whenever there is news about the project; let us know what you desire.

Please provide as much information to help us serve you as you can. Especially remember to include your own contact details in the message (we would much prefer it if you could give us an e-mail address GPG-protected with a key available at the key server). If you are telling us about shortcomings in the service, be sure to also let us know which operating system you are using, and all other relevant information which increases our chances of being able to reproduce the problem.

Thank you very much.