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Hi! Due to previously unforeseen commitments this page will no longer be updated... I'm sorry but finally getting full-time employment is a wonderful thing Laughingso please don't be too annoyed!


Here are several links for you to use to look for yourselves....


deafPLUS MAS van schedule - advice & equipment demos coming to a town near you!


STAGETEXT- captioned talks, theatre productions


Tate (Britain, Modern, etc)- lipspeaker/captioned talks & tours. NB: under 'EVENTS FOR' click on 'ACCESS' (bottom left of page)


Royal Academy- lipspeaker/captioned: some are HoH/deaf friendly, some not (awkward website!) choose from:




 Lipspeaking Walks & Talks Around London & Home Counties - contact Lynne Dubin (remove the spaces!)   lynne . dubin @ virgin . net

 (next event is Guided Tour of The Houses of Parliament: Thursday 27 September 2012 (10.30 am – 12.30 pm)  with the National Association of Deafened People)


Subtitled film screenings listed by your local cinema - subtitled trailers and Find Cinema clickable UK map (bottom right of page)

MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM WHEN BUYING TICKETS- this will minimise the chances of them forgetting to switch on subtitles. If there are no subtitles make sure you complain during the film in case they can fix it. Definitely complain afterwards as they should either give you a full refund or a ticket to another screening. Please make sure the cinema knows you want the subtitled service as this will encourage them to behave properly in the future.


A good, reliable, source of subtitled films is to check out you local small theatres for Film Festivals. High quality non-English speaking foreign films which make it as exports around the world for screenings will definitely have subtitles (not like where a cinema can mess it up). Often these films are more interesting than the current mainstream blockbusters.

E.g., Guildford' Electric Theatre regularly has film festivals. The upcoming September one has several subtitled offerings!



This new section is dedicated to local events suitable for HoH/deaf people. The title of each event is a clickable link to get full details (such as how to book and venue) directly from the horse's mouth. This page will be updated regularly; if you think we've missed any upcoming events please do feel free to let us know about them via the Write to Us page Smile

Please note, the Guildford HoH/deaf Social Group is not responsible in any way for the events publicised here, this page is just a notice-board for things we've heard about which may be of interest.

Also there are many plays in London (and beyond) captioned by STAGETEXT. It's often necessary to buy tickets in advance so for these events please look on their website here. Captioned plays very local to our group will be posted on this page wherever possible.

The deafPLUS Mobile Advisory Service dates for Surrey and Hampshire can be downloaded directly from deafPLUS using the link on here.