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The Lost Continent   by Terry Pratchett

Read: 1970-01-01 Reviewed: 2004-03-21
Re-read factor:
This is probably the most hilarious of Pratchett's books I've read. In the prologue, he says `This is not a book about Australia; it is simply a place that sounds a lot like it'. There then unfolds a story with a kangaroo in it called Scrappy who says `G'day mite, how are ya?'. Brilliant stuff.

Halfway through the book there is a wonderful scene where Rincewind has gotten into a sheep-shearing competition. Fortunately for him, the sheep are on his side and while he holds the shears steady, the sheep perform cartwheels and general acrobatic impossibilities. The upshot: instead of being able to shear a sheep every four minutes, he can shear four sheep in a minute (or something like that)! Brilliant.

Still, you can only take so much hilarity from one book, and only so many cliches. This book will drive you to saturation point and beyond.

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