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Sourcery   by Terry Pratchett

Read: 2004-01-01 Reviewed: 2004-03-17
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Another Terry Pratchett, and another unique storyline. This time an eighth son is born to the eighth son of an eighth son, and that means he's got an unimaginable power (it doesn't normally happen because the eighth son of an eighth son is a wizard, and wizards aren't supposed to have sex...)

Anyway, the character turns out through youthful arrogance and naivete to turn into a despotic dictator, and goes about refashioning discworld against the wishes of everybody (especially wizards who don't like change). Rincewind bumps into a new sidekick for this adventure - a sleight blond girl who turns out to be a very feisty animal.

It is hilarious as you would expect from the author, but the hilarity is the same relentless onslaught you get from all the books and sometimes too much is just too much.

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